Apply for a garage

Garages are available to rent for tenants, leaseholders and for private residents. There is a high demand for garages, so you will need to apply to join a waiting list. 

Once you have applied for a garage, we will review and confirm your application. When you have reached the top of the waiting list, we will contact you. 

The current waiting time for a garage is approximately six months.

Apply for a garage online

Garages rented by tenants and leaseholders

Tenants and leaseholders of council owned properties receive a discount on garages and are not required to pay VAT. The weekly charge to tenants and leaseholders is £13.63.

Garages rented by private residents

Garages cost £16.75 plus VAT per week for private residents. 

Payments must be made a week in advance and failure to keep up with your payments will result in your garage being taken away from you. 

Private residents are required to pay garage rents by direct debit.


Woking Borough Council is not liable for any belongings stored in your garage.