Lakeview estate cladding

We are removing and replacing the cladding across 14 medium rise blocks on the Lakeview estate, comprising 250 properties in total.

As the owner of these buildings, it is our duty to identify fire risks and hazards and take appropriate action to mitigate identified risks.

We are concerned that in the event of a fire, the cladding on the front of the blocks might compromise people’s means of escape if it caught fire.

The cladding will be removed in phases starting with the cladding directly below the walkways/landings. Our aim is to procure a replacement system by the end of the year and to commence reinstatement works in Spring 2025.

Cladding removal: next phase of works

PropertiesStart date
1 to 20 Cobbetts Close12 February 2024
29 to 52 Cobbetts Close25 March 2024
25 to 40 Sythwood8 April 2024
1 to 31 Colliers Close22 April 2024
33 to 79 Colliers Close7 May 2024
187 to 213 Brookfield13 May 2024
122 to 137 French Wells20 May 2024
155 to 185 Brookfield28 May 2024
30 to 64 Brookfield28 May 2024
106 to 121 French Wells3 June 2024
70 to 104 Brookfield3 June 2024
65 to 103 Brookfield10 June 2024
2 to 28 Brookfield10 June 2024
45 to 60 French Wells17 June 2024

How we're communicating with Lakeview residents 


All residents have been written to ahead of the works starting and will be written to again as soon as a programme and timeline for the reinstatement works has been agreed.

Read the resident letter sent 22 February 2024

Public engagement events

We will schedule regular drop-in events at Lakeview Community Centre to answer any questions residents have. 

Next scheduled drop-in:

  • July

Previous drop-ins:

  • 9 April 2024, 2pm to 5.30pm

Email updates

To subscribe to email updates, please email to be added to our subscriber list.

How to report a concern

Please contact us if you have any concerns about the works taking place.

Call: 0300 373 0373 (Option 4)