Demolition works and future land reuse plans, including the Triangle site

Why hasn’t the Triangle site been fully demolished?

The Triangle site acquisitions have been very successful to date and the majority of the site has been demolished.

The remaining buildings located on Guildford Road are mostly within our ownership and are vacant. The demolition was put on hold during the last bird nesting season and it recommenced in spring 2022.

At present, a few of the Guildford Road properties and a pocket of land remain in private ownership due financial terms not being agreed between the owners and the council’s property team. Voluntary purchase discussions continue whilst a compulsory purchase order (CPO) application is prepared for the Secretary of State. The CPO submission, if needed, is expected in the spring/summer. 

The CPO process can take between one year and 18 months, but possibly up to two years depending upon Secretary of State decision timescales. It is hoped that voluntary acquisitions can be made without the need for a formal CPO.

I'm concerned about possible noise and dust affecting me during the Triangle demolition works. What have you done to make sure the works are safe and do not impact on nearby residents?

Pre-works surveys have been undertaken before any demolition works took place. Any hazardous materials (such as asbestos) would be removed following strict controlled procedures.

In the event that noisy operations and necessary works are required outside of permitted site hours, adequate advance notice will be given. Where possible, noise caused by the works will be kept to a minimum.

Dust created by the demolition process will be controlled by means of dampening down using water supplies around the site.

Site working hours

In line with national regulations, the Triangle site working hours will be:

  • Monday to Friday, 8am to 6pm
  • Saturdays, 8am to 1pm
  • Sundays and public bank holidays – no work will be allowed, except in the event of an emergency.

What will happen to the site once it has been fully cleared?

When the site has been fully demolished, it will be used as a compound for the project’s contractors and Network Rail.

The long-term plan for the site, as set out in the original housing numbers for the Housing Infrastructure Fund (HIF) project with Homes England, is to deliver housing units on this site. 
The project team continues to work with architects to consider options for the site which fulfil Homes England’s requirements. When drafted, the development options will be subject to a public pre-planning consultation, scheduled to take place this summer.

Why is the demolition of Bridge House required for the bridge works? 

The demolition of Bridge House is required to create the new combined footway/cyclist subway (as part of the widened bridge structure) and adjacent wing walls to support the Network Rail embankment and mainline tracks. 

The demolition is also required to allow for the new structure’s footprint and provide access for the working platforms (crane and piling plant operations) required to construct the wing walls.

Questions submitted by members of the public

A significant number of questions have been received from members of the public during our engagement work, which remains ongoing. The summary questions and answers outlined above aim to provide responses to the main points and topics raised by local residents.

  • Why has the demolition of the triangle properties been delayed for so long?
  • As the council received a grant from Homes England, does that mean the Triangle has already been earmarked for more high rise accommodation? 
  • What is happening with the demolition of the triangle? When will work continue?
  • It is noted that Woking Borough Council wishes to purchase Bridge House, the building occupied by Curchods estate agents in order to provide an underground attenuation tank/soak-away. As the new tunnels are to be built on land already owned by British Rail, without the need to involve Bridge House, why is it proposed to spend taxpayers money on acquiring it, when any tank/soak-away could be located below Victoria Square?
  • Are there any materials/substances within the buildings that would be released by the work and could pose a hazard to me?