Members can review all council activities publicly through the scrutiny committees, this includes the Sheerwater Regeneration Project. 

If members have any concerns relating to the project, they can raise them through the Communities and Housing Scrutiny Committee. Additionally, Thameswey's performance is monitored through the Shareholder Executive Committee

Sheerwater Regeneration Delivery and Oversight Panel

The Delivery and Oversight Panel comprised seven elected members representing all groups on the council based on proportionality.

Members were appointed annually in May. Canalside councillors, who were not members of the Delivery and Oversight Panel, were allowed to attend and contribute to the panel but could not vote. Other observers, such as the Surrey County Councillor for Woking North division, were also be invited to attend panel meetings. 

Sheerwater Regeneration Oversight Panel

The remit of the Oversight Panel was to oversee the wider improvements within Sheerwater and receive reports from the Sheerwater Regeneration Project Board. The non-decision making panel comprised ten cross-party members. 

In July 2019 the Sheerwater Regeneration Oversight Panel and Project Board were combined to form the Sheerwater Regeneration Delivery and Oversight Panel.

View minutes from the Sheerwater Regeneration Oversight Panel

Independent Sheerwater Scrutiny Panel (ISSP)

In 2015, Woking Borough Council conducted an independent review of its processes and actions between July 2013 and December 2014 in relation to the Sheerwater Regeneration scheme.

View the final report