Downsizing survey for social housing tenants

We have appointed Altair to undertake research on our current support package for our council tenants looking to downsize. ‘Downsizing’ means matching tenants with a suitable home size for their needs. 

The aim of the research is to create a more fitting and attractive offer for social housing tenants looking to move to a more suitable size property.

This survey will help us understand the factors that influence tenants’ decisions to stay in their current home and identify the support and preferences that tenants would like to move to a new home. 

The research is funded by the Local Government Association’s Housing Advisers Programme.

Who is invited to take part in the survey

As part of our ongoing effort to make the most of our existing homes, Altair is issuing an online survey to our council social housing tenants, people on the housing register, and tenants who are currently under-occupying their home. ‘Under-occupying’ means council or other social housing tenants who have, or may have, more bedrooms than their household needs

The survey will be issued directly to tenant’s email address from 

About the survey questions

The survey results will help Altair assess housing need and aspirations for council tenants looking to move. 

The questions focus on tenant’s current home, their future plans in relation to housing and any support they might like to achieve these. 

The results of the survey will be used to help us develop new packages of support around downsizing and enable those living in overcrowded homes to move. 

Completing the survey

The survey has a maximum of 15 questions and should take less than 10 minutes to complete. All responses will remain confidential and anonymous. 

Survey data

The survey is anonymous. No one outside of the research team will have access to this data, which will be held securely on our servers.

Altair is responsible for processing all of the data for this research. Its data management protocols are available in to view on its privacy notice and are compliant with UK GDPR legislation. 

Any personal data will be deleted once the commission is finished, but anonymised data from this study may be retained by Altair for up to five years after the study has finished.

More information

Altair can answer any questions, provide help about the above and taking part in the research.