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Although we do our best to tackle issues within the Borough as they arise, we are sometimes unaware of when or where a problem has occurred. This section gives you the chance to tell us about things that you have noticed which require our attention.

The majority of the forms below can simply be completed online and emailed back to us at the Council. A small number of them are PDFs (as indicated by the red and grey symbol) which require you to print them out send them back to us in the post.

  • Electoral offences

    Home > Council and democracy > Election information

  • Empty Homes

    Home > Housing > Landlords and private housing > Private sector housing

  • Harrasment

    Home > Community and living > Equality, diversity and social inclusion

  • High hedges complaints form (PDF download)

    High hedges complaints form

    Home > Planning and regulation > Trees and hedges > Advice on trees > Trees and your property

  • Local Enforcement Plan (PDF download)

    PDF page for Local Enforcement Plan

    Home > Planning and regulation > Planning service > Unauthorised development

  • Parking enquiries

  • Power cuts

    Power cuts

    Home > Advice and benefits > Emergencies