Summary of the scheme's key works

Project update: On Thursday 14 July 2022, Woking Borough Council’s Executive agreed to consider revised project options for the Victoria Arch widening scheme. This decision has initiated a fundamental review of the scheme including consideration of alternative delivery options and reduced costs. A project review update is expected at the meeting of the Executive in December 2022.

Whilst the review takes place, we will continue to deliver some existing workstreams to ensure the project maintains momentum and readiness for a revised work programme. Read more about about the review

The Housing Infrastructure Fund (HIF) grant is being used to deliver an integrated highways revitalisation project estimated to cost £115 million. This is financed by £95 million awarded from the HIF and the remaining contribution will be met by us and Network Rail.

There are three key elements to the project:

  • Acquisition and demolition of the Triangle site
  • A320 highway widening and improvements 
  • The replacement of Victoria Arch bridge.

The Triangle

The Triangle is the pocket of land surrounded by the one-way gyratory system, located on the south-side of Victoria Arch (incorporating Guildford Road, Victoria Road and Station Approach). The acquisition and demolition of the Triangle is essential to enable the A320 to be widened to allow for a dual-carriage way and improved pedestrian crossing facilities.

Phase one demolition works started in summer 2020 and phase two in finished in summer 2022. The final demolition end date is subject to the final few negotiations being completed voluntarily and no need for a compulsory purchase order. 

Highways works

The highways enhancements are required on the north and south sides of the Victoria Arch to ensure the new dual carriageway provides a seamless transition through this part of the town centre.

Extensive traffic management modelling shows these will improve traffic flows between both sides of the town, and provide better access across the railway and to the railway station for cyclists and pedestrians.

The highways works will comprise of a number of changes to the A320 to facilitate better access into and through the town centre. The proposed works include:

North of Victoria Arch (Victoria Square development side of the bridge)

  • Widened highway on the western side of Victoria Way.
  • Improved pedestrian and cycle link along Victoria Way.
  • Left turn moved from Goldsworth Road to Church Street West.

South of Victoria Arch (The Triangle side of the bridge)

  • Removal of the one-way gyratory system and replacement two-way dual carriageway.
  • Enhanced pedestrian and cycle paths.
  • Installation of four new toucan crossings for pedestrians and cyclists.
  • Revised junction at Heathside Road to provide a left in and left out to/from Guildford Road.
  • Improved informal pedestrian crossing island near York Road to ease access to the bus stop.
  • Improved informal pedestrian crossing facilities near Constitution Hill.

Early enabling works took place from late spring 2022 until early winter 2022. The next stage is subject to the project review which is currently being undertaken by the project team. 

Victoria Arch widening and replacement bridge works

Rebuilding the bridge will provide an opportunity for Network Rail to renew the railway infrastructure in Woking, allowing more reliable services for passengers for decades to come. The scheme will also improve the efficiency of freight services in the area by removing unused dedicated freight tracks.

We have been working with Surrey County Council and Network Rail since 2017. At present, there are three feasible options being consider including factors such as requirement, the project’s scheduling, cost and engineering feasibility. These options will be moved to the next phase where they will be developed to a point where one can be selected for detailed design and delivery.

The next phase of the works will focus on the detailed design of the preferred bridge option and the start of the procurement process.

Visit Network Rail's project webpage

Downside Goods Yard access road

As the construction plans for the Victoria Arch widening scheme have progressed, technical surveys and modelling have evidenced that the reuse of the existing location of the access road serving Day Aggregates (located on the south-side of the Guildford Road and next to the Victoria Arch railway bridge), is very challenging to deliver.

As an additional part of the widening scheme, we have investigated proposals to relocate the goods yard access road from its existing location to Bradfield Close, just off York Road.

Following concerns from affected local residents, we are currently undertaking detailed surveys and modelling to assess the viability of reusing the existing access road.

Read more about our proposals for the goods yard access road

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