Ultra low emission vehicle (ULEZ) requirements

A ULEV vehicle is classed as a vehicle which has less than 75 grams of CO2 per kilometre (g/km) from its exhaust pipe.

Please note: as and when the Vehicle Certification Agency replace the required (g/km) level, the policy will match the latest national requirements.

If you currently own a licensed wheelchair accessible taxi

  • Licensed non ULEV wheelchair accessible taxis can remain in use until the vehicle reaches 15 years old.
  • From the 31 March 2026, all wheelchair accessible taxis are required to become ULEV or electric.
  • You will be required to replace your non ULEV wheelchair accessible taxi with a ULEV vehicle (wheelchair accessible or saloon) by 31 March 2026, or when the vehicle reaches 15 years old – whichever date is soonest.

Read the definition of wheelchair accessible in our taxi and private hire licensing handbook (see appendix M)

Check a vehicle’s CO2 emissions

A quick and easy way to check a vehicle’s CO2 emissions is online.

Check online

More information

Read our ultra low emissions vehicle (ULEV) specification policy