Hackney carriage fare chart

A hackney carriage is a taxi with a meter which is licensed to collect passengers from a taxi rank and is available to be hailed in the street.

Below is our Hackney carriage fare chart effective from 15 December 2022.

Fare for distance and time

All distance and time charges include uncompleted parts thereof.

Tariff 1: Day-time rates (except where rates 2 or 3 apply)Tariff 2: Night and holiday rateTariff 3: Double time day-time rateExtra charges
Rates for the first mile: £5.72 (Monday to Saturday) and £6.62 (Sunday)Rate for the first mile: £7.93Rate for the first mile: £11.44 
Rate for each mile thereafter: £2.82Rate for each mile thereafter: £4.23Rate for each mile thereafter: £5.64 
Hirings between: 7am and 11pmHirings between 11pm and 7am and national public holidays (except where double rate day rate applies)Hirings between: (1) 11pm on Christmas Eve and 5pm on 27 December; and (2) 11pm on 31 December and 7am on 1 January 
£3.10 (Monday to Saturday; £4 (Sunday); maximum charge up to 125 yards or 22 seconds£4 (Monday to Saturday); maximum charge up to 125 yards or 22 seconds For each passenger in excess of one: 50p
20p; for each additional 125 yards or 22 yards30p; for each additional 125 yards or 22 seconds Soiling the carriage leaving it unfit for immediate subsequent hiring: £100
  • All luggage carried inside or outside the passenger compartment is free of charge.
  • Any assistance dog carried is free of charge.


If the journey takes the taxi outside the Woking Borough area, the driver MUST still charge in accordance with the above scale unless he/she has agreed otherwise with the hirer before the journey has started. These are the maximum fares chargeable.

Queries and complaints

Any complaints about a taxi or driver should be directed to our taxi and private hire licensing team. Where possible, please quote the taxi plate number and/or the driver's badge number.

Email: licensing@woking.gov.uk

Write to: Licensing Team, Woking Borough Council, Civic Offices, Gloucester Square, Woking, GU21 6YL

Phone: 01483 755 855