Website user testing group

Help us to improve our website 

It’s important that our online services are accessible to everyone. You can help us to improve our website by taking part in activities that show us how residents use our services.  

Join our website user testing panel 

We value different views and invite everyone with an interest in Woking Borough Council services to join our user testing panel. Taking part in any task is optional and you can join or leave the panel at any time. 

What you will do 

As a website tester you might: 

  • complete tasks online 
  • give your feedback on new page designs 
  • share your thoughts on an online service 

For some tasks you may be invited to schedule time with a researcher, but others you can do in your own time. 

Join our web user panel

How we will use your feedback and keep you informed 

We’d like to keep testing panel members updated on how we have used their views and feedback to improve our website.

If you agree to be contacted, we’ll keep in touch to let you know about changes and improvements we’ve made. 

Your privacy and keeping your data safe 

We follow GDPR rules to keep your personal details and data safe. Any information we keep from the research will be unnamed (anonymous) and may be shared with other local councils.

Read our website user testing privacy policy