The way you park in Woking is changing


Thursday, 19 November, 2020

The transformation of Woking town centre continues with a major upgrade to the technology in our car parks, revolutionising the parking experience for shoppers, commuters and visitors to Woking.

This short film will explain those changes.  

Cutting edge new technology, supplied by WPS Parking Systems, will be retro-fitted across all five existing town centre car parks, starting with Victoria Way, as well as installed into the new car park currently under construction, which will also serve the transformed town centre.

The first change drivers will notice is that the car parks are barrierless on entry and ticketless. Cameras will read each number plate on entry and again on exit. Once payment has been made, exit barriers will lift automatically to allow vehicles to leave without pausing.

New payment machines will provide the utmost in flexibility with ways to pay, making the process easier and more convenient. Whilst traditional cash and card payments will still be accepted, card readers will also be contactless and cashless options, such as Apple and Google Pay, will offer a safer choice, with minimal touchpoints. All equipment and software will be futureproof, able to be reprogrammed to recognise new forms of payment when they are available.

The ticketless system is a greener option, eliminating the requirement for paper tickets and completely removing issues that arise from faulty or lost tickets. The method simply requires the driver to remember their vehicle registration number prior to using the payment machine.

Offering further alternative payment solutions, an exciting partnership with JustPark mobile app company provides a platform for payment online or via a mobile phone. Downloading the app brings added benefits including a running log of all your parking activity, notifications when your parking time is about to run out and the ability to top up your parking time without needing to return to the car. For a completely contactless parking experience, the AutoPay function handles every element of payment automatically, without needing to lift a finger.

As an added feature, retailers and businesses in Woking will soon be able to benefit from parking validation and loyalty schemes, allowing them to pass great savings and offers on to their customers. A new, improved all-encompassing on street parking solution will be introduced later in 2021 to complement the car park system.

Cllr Ayesha Azad, Leader of Woking Borough Council, said: “More often than not, the first impression of a shopping centre or amenity will be in the car parks. Although we do not spend much time in them, a negative experience of parking can get your trip off to a bad start and, likewise, we remember trips when parking was straightforward and pleasant. Even residents who visit Woking regularly are starting to demand more flexible payment options and a smoother car park journey.

“This is why we have collaborated with award winning suppliers and are investing in top of the range, new infrastructure to bring the best available parking solutions to our stunning new town centre, ensuring everyone who uses our car parks has a seamless experience, from entry through to payment and exit.

“This really is news to get excited about. We know at the moment things are a little different, but we are looking forward to the time when we can welcome our residents and visitors back to town. When we do, we are confident that the new, improved car park system will provide a top-class, safe and convenient parking solution that we can all be proud.”

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