Surrey Muslim Association statement on COVID-19 vaccinations


Thursday, 21 January, 2021

As Surrey Muslim Association, we understand the concerns around vaccinations in general and specifically the three Covid-19 Vaccines. We are living in times when it is easy to spread false information, which appears true and convincing; but in these times, we must follow the guidance of ‘those who know’ (Qur’an, 21:7 and 16:43).

In a fast-paced situation, the level of scrutiny vaccines are facing at the present time is unprecedented. The Pfizer/BioNTech, Oxford-AstraZeneca and Moderna vaccines have been approved by the Medicines and Healthcare Products Regulatory Authority (MHRA); the MHRA is regarded as the most credible and trustworthy authority of its kind in the world.

Both medical experts and Islamic scholars have researched the three COVID-19 vaccinations and declared they are halal/permissible. In light of the research of these expert scholars, we - the Imam’s of Surrey and those represented at Surrey Muslim Association - would like to reiterate that all vaccines for COVID-19 are halal (permissible).

The British Islamic Medical Association (BIMA) have also shown confidence in the vaccines and are recommending taking vaccines.

Disclaimer: This statement is the opinion of the Imam’s and scholars; as with anything, please do your due diligence, consult with your GP, and make your own informed decision.

  • Imam Hashmi, Head Imam, Shah Jahan Mosque, Woking
  • Imam Joynal Ahmed, Head Imam, Epsom and Ewell Islamic Society
  • Imam Mahboobur Rahman, BCA, Horsell
  • Imam Dr Syed Naqvi, Al Asr Education and Community Centre, Woking
  • Imam Muhammad Husain Kazi, Ashford and Staines Community Centre
  • Imam Misbah Uddin, Dorking Muslim Community Association Ltd
  • Imam Abdul Malik Ezhari, Al Kharafi Mosque, Camberley
  • Imam Abdur Rab, Addlestone Mosque
  • Imam Dr Husni Hammuda, Chaplain and Imam, University of Surrey
  • Abdul Majid Hawa, Acting Chairman, Runnymede Muslim Society

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