Statement regarding Ambassadors Cinemas


Wednesday, 28 November, 2018

We can confirm that our Environmental Health Officers are aware of mice related activities at the Ambassadors Cinema in Woking.

The initial visit to the premises took place in August 2018 where our officers found that appropriate control measures were in place and the management were taking the matter very seriously.

Following an initial reported sighting of a mouse, the Ambassadors have increased the number of pest contractor visits to the premises. Proactive visits are being continued to monitor activity and bait levels, and reactive visits are being conducted in response to any additional sightings. We are aware that any areas requiring additional proofing work have been identified, and mitigation actions and works completed.

At present, the pest control contractors are reporting low levels of activity and they are taking steps to locate any remaining areas, so that treatment can be targeted. They have also conducted a survey of the entire premises and confirmed there is currently no activity reported in the theatre itself.

Our Environmental Health Officers are satisfied that all activity to date has been restricted to cinema screens and none of the food outlets or food preparation areas are affected. In addition to the daily deep cleaning of each screen room, there is regular ad-hoc cleaning throughout the day, which includes use of sanitiser sprays on the arm rests and removal of all food debris.

We can confirm that prior to this recent enquiry, we have received no complaints regarding illness or suspected illness associated with the cinema from members of the public or staff.

The Council’s Environmental Health has the legal powers to close a premises if an imminent risk to public health is identified. On this occasion, our Environmental Health Officers are satisfied that the situation is being well managed by the Ambassadors’ Group and any risks mitigated by the procedures currently implemented.