Review of polling stations consultation


Wednesday, 4 October, 2023

The council is required to complete a full review of its polling districts, polling places and polling stations every five years, to ensure that electors have reasonable facilities for voting, and that polling places are accessible to all electors.

The review requires the council to:

  • Seek to ensure that all the electors in the constituency have such reasonable facilities for voting as are practicable in the circumstances.
  • Seek to ensure that so far as is reasonable and practicable, the polling places they are responsible for are accessible to all electors, and when considering the designation of a polling place, must have regard to the accessibility needs of disabled persons.
  • Seek to ensure that polling places are within their polling district unless special circumstances make it desirable to designate an area outside the polling district.

The review doesn’t consider changes to division or ward  boundaries and closes at 5pm on Monday 6 November 2023.

Comment on your polling station facilities