Nominate your local heritage assets


Friday, 8 October, 2021

A consultation has been launched to identify heritage assets located within Woking Borough, as part of Surrey County Council’s ‘Local Heritage List Project’.

The project came about following the Government's 'Build Back Better' initiative whereby the Ministry of Housing, Communities and Local Government, in association with Historic England, funded Surrey (and 21 other areas) to develop local heritage asset lists. Woking is one of six Surrey authorities participating in the project.

Local heritage is an important part of our historic environment and plays a major role in building a sense of character and distinctiveness within the local area.

The project is seeking to identify and include on local heritage lists, assets most valued by local communities. Local lists have traditionally focused mainly on buildings, but there is an increasing recognition that local heritage encompasses far more than just buildings, and it is anticipated that suggestions will come forward which include all types of features and places.

Woking’s current Local List consists of approximately 330 buildings and structures across the borough. Surrey County Council is aiming to identify other assets for inclusion on the Local List and to review those that currently form the List.

Once nominated assets have been assessed, those recommended for inclusion may be added to Woking’s updated Local List. The List will be used to inform the planning process and guide future decisions around the use and custodianship of local heritage assets. The information captured as part of this project will also be added to the Surrey Historic Environment Record (HER), managed and maintained by Surrey County Council.

Residents are invited to nominate heritage assets for consideration by 16 November 2021.

To find out more, including the criteria and nominations form, please visit the Surrey County Council website.