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Local election voter ID trial to take place again on 2 May 2019


Monday, 4 March, 2019

Voters across Woking Borough will need to show photographic identification from an approved list before they can vote at the polling station at the next local election on Thursday 2 May 2019. Without photo ID, electors will be refused a vote.

Last year, Woking was one of just five boroughs across England to join the Cabinet Office trial in which voters were requested to bring a form of photographic identification to vote, in a pilot scheme designed to test the impact of such a change before it could be rolled out nationally.

The Woking voter ID trial resulted in 99.73% turnout with the correct identification and valuable feedback was gathered to input into future trials.

This year, Woking Borough will participate in the second series of trials. This year, to verify that voters are who they say they are, each local authority will test one of four models of Voter ID checks in their pilot.

Electors voting in Woking Borough Council local elections on Thursday 2 May 2019 will be requested to present one of the following forms of photographic identification to polling station staff before they are issued with their ballot paper.

  • Passport (UK, EU or Commonwealth
  • UK, EU or Crown Dependency Photo Driver’s Licence (including provisional)
  • European Economic Area (EEA) photographic ID card
  • UK Biometric Residency Permit
  • PASS card (National Proof of Age Standards Scheme, eg ONEID4U, VALIDATEUK, CITIZENCARD, MYIDCARD)
  • Ministry of Defence ID card
  • Concessionary travel pass funded by HM Government, eg Surrey senior bus pass, Surrey disabled people’s bus pass
  • Oyster 60+ pass
  • Blue badge parking permit photo card
  • Northern Ireland Electoral Identity Card
  • A Local Elector Card

Only original documents will be accepted, scanned images or copies will not be. Expired documents will be accepted if the photo is still a current likeness.

Voters who don’t have any of the accepted photo ID listed above can obtain a free Local Elector Card.

Douglas Spinks, Woking Borough Council’s Deputy Returning Officer, said: “Following the success of last year’s voter ID trial, Woking Borough Council is happy to once again lend support to the trial and request that voters bring their photographic identification to vote.

“We believe that by asking voters to prove their identity at the point of collecting their ballot papers, our polling station staff can ensure that the security of votes cast at the polling station is maintained.

“Following feedback from elected members, council staff, Cabinet Office and Electoral Commission representatives as well as the Woking electorate, the list of approved photographic identification has been modified and we urge all voters to ensure that they have at least one form of identification on the list before they head to the polling station.

“Our free local elector card is available for anyone who requires it and we have streamlined the application process following feedback from last year. Our Electoral Services team is more than happy to assist any voter who requires support to complete their application, to ensure that no one misses the opportunity to cast their vote at the polling station this year.”

Postal voters will not be affected and will be issued with their ballot papers as normal. If voters choose to vote by proxy, the person they nominate to vote on their behalf will be required to produce their own identification.

For more information including important deadlines and how to apply for a Local Elector Card, please visit

Alternatively, please contact Woking Borough Council’s elections team on 01483 755 855, email  and for emails relating to elector cards please email