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Fines handed to fly-tipping offenders


Tuesday, 20 October, 2020

A ‘heap’ of fly-tippers have been tracked down and handed fines by Woking Borough Council.

Between June and September 2020, ten lawbreakers were caught on CCTV stopping at the roadside charity collection bin store on Parley Drive to discard mattresses, sofas, beds and other waste items, before driving away. Perpetrators were tracked down using number plate recognition and vehicle records, and fines issued.

Cllr Kevin Davis, Portfolio Holder for Environmental Services, said: “It is hard to believe that when there are so many options available in the borough for waste disposal, we still see people using public spaces as their own personal rubbish dumps.

“Fly-tipping is a serious criminal offence, not to mention the fact that it is unsightly, dangerous and shows complete disregard to the local community. Regretfully, the situation on Parley Drive, and across the borough, has become even more pronounced since lockdown was introduced.

“Whether one small bag, or an entire house clearance, the Council will penalise anyone caught. It’s also important to remember that the obligation to ensure that waste is disposed of lawfully falls onto whoever produces the waste. If you use a waste carrier that is not licensed and that carrier then illegally disposes of your waste, it is you as the householder who is liable to receive the fine and even face prosecution.

“I urge residents to consider the repercussions of using cheap waste removal solutions or shortcuts. And, if you witness an incident of fly-tipping, report it as soon as you can, to allow our officers the best possible chance of catching the perpetrators.”

Every incident of fly-tipping that takes place in the borough is investigated before it is cleared up and fines issued wherever it is possible to correctly identify and locate the perpetrators.

Anyone caught fly-tipping could receive anything from a £400 fixed penalty notice to a £50,000 fine or a 12-month jail sentence if convicted in a magistrates’ court.

However, it is not a straightforward process and officers invest hours of time scrutinising CCTV footage and tracking down offenders, as well as thousands of pounds dispatching contractors, Serco, to remove the items.

Residents wishing to learn more about fly-tipping and waste disposal in Woking, and how to report an incident of fly-tipping, can find information and signposting by visiting 
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For information about reporting fly-tipping, legal responsibilities when disposing of your waste items, community recycling facilities and tips to reduce what you send to land fill, visit