The Borough embraces Queen’s Commonwealth Canopy


Monday, 19 November, 2018

Green and open space at Brookwood Farm in Woking has been enhanced with the planting of saplings, some of which were gifted to Woking Member of Parliament, Jonathan Lord, as part of the Queen’s Commonwealth Canopy (QCC), a network of forest conservation initiatives to mark Her Majesty's lifetime of service to the Commonwealth.

Trees were donated to over 500 MPs across the country, thanks to a partnership between the Woodland Trust, Sainsbury’s and ITV, which in April screened a landmark documentary entitled The Queen's Green Planet. The documentary followed Her Majesty the Queen and this ambitious legacy project which brings together her deeply held commitment to the Commonwealth and her little-known love of trees.

Jonathan Lord, MP; Cllr Beryl Hunwicks, Woking Borough Council’s Portfolio Holder for Environment and Sustainability; John Black, Operations Manager at Serco and Councillors from Heathlands and Knaphill Wards: Cllr Melanie Whitehand, Cllr Saj Hussain, Cllr Ayesha Azad and Cllr Kevin Davis, met Arboricultural Officers from Woking Borough Council on Friday 16 November, to see works to create the new copse.

Jonathan Lord, MP for Woking, said: “It is a privilege to accept the gift of these trees from the Woodland Trust in order to participate in such a prestigious project, whilst at the same time nurture some of Britain’s most beloved tree species.”

Cllr Hunwicks, Woking Borough Council’s Portfolio Holder for the Environment and Sustainability, said: “Woking is a borough that champions preservation of the environment and our green spaces wherever possible and these trees, provided by the Queen’s Commonwealth Canopy, bring a welcome addition to the great work already being done across the Borough by the Council and the many non-profit organisations that operate here.”

Beccy Speight, Woodland Trust Chief Executive, said: “We are delighted that Woking has decided to join us in our bid to plant trees as part of the Queen’s Commonwealth Canopy. We all need trees. They are a cornerstone of our landscape and countryside, forming an essential and cherished part of our cultural identity.

“They are crucial in improving soil health and water quality, reducing carbon, trapping pollutants, slowing the flow of flood water, sheltering livestock, providing a home for wildlife or a space for us to breathe. I hope the residents of Woking will enjoy watching them flourish as part of this wonderful legacy initiative.”

The new woodland has been created just in time for National Tree Week, during which the Arboricultural Officers will be raising awareness of Woking Borough Council’s new Tree Strategy and Management Policy by giving out saplings to visitors to Woking Town Centre.

The sapling trees will be handed out along Mercia Walk in Woking Town Centre between 11am and 3pm on Wednesday 28 November. They will be handed out on a first come, first served basis and the officers reserve the right to limit the number of trees handed out to individuals, based on levels of demand.

To review the new Tree Strategy and Management Policy, please visit