Annual Canvass update: canvassers to start visiting local residents


Wednesday, 13 October, 2021

Canvassers will be knocking on doors in the borough from Tuesday 19 October 2021 to give residents a final chance to register and vote in the next local election.

The canvasser will have a copy of the form that each household needs to complete and they will provide assistance to ensure forms are correctly completed.

Staff will wear ID badges to identify themselves and will only ask for the details of the people living at the address.

Julie Fisher, Woking Borough’s Electoral Registration Officer, said: “Each year, we undertake an Annual Canvass to check the electoral register is up to date. Those households who have yet to respond are now being urged to follow the instructions on the reminder letter instead of waiting for a knock on the door from the electoral canvass team. If you have responded to the reminder form you should not receive a door knock.

"If a canvasser calls at your address when you are not home they will leave a form for you to complete. Please complete it straight away using one of the services as listed on the form. Once a response has been recorded, the canvasser will not need to call at your address again."

The Council is required by law to visit those properties that have yet to respond. Canvassers acting on behalf of Woking Borough Council will be out and about in the borough during October and November.

If you have any queries regarding electoral registration, please contact Electoral Services team via email at or phone 01483 755 855.

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