Choice based lettings (CBL) bidding cycles

Service update (31 May 2022): There are no properties available to be advertised on the latest property list. The next list will be advertised from Tuesday 14 June.

Choice based lettings (CBL) bidding cycles take place every two weeks. The bidding cycles open at 9am on the nominated Tuesday and finish at 9am on the Friday (of the same week).

During each bidding period, residents registered on the housing register are able to bid for up to three properties per cycle.

Read more about the housing register and priority bands

Bid for properties

Property bidding cycles

Property list numberDate property list is published on websiteDate property list closes on website
12Tuesday 14 June 2022Friday 17 June 2022
13Tuesday 28 June 2022Friday 1 July 2022
14Tuesday 12 July 2022Friday 15 July 2022
15Tuesday 26 July 2022Friday 29 July 2022
16Tuesday 9 August 2022Friday 12 August 2022
17Tuesday 23 August 2022Friday 26 August 2022
18Tuesday 6 September 2022Friday 9 September 2022
19Tuesday 20 September 2022Friday 23 September 2022
20Tuesday 4 October 2022Friday 7 October 2022
21Tuesday 18 October 2022Friday 21 October 2022
22Tuesday 1 November 2022Friday 4 November 2022