Parking permits

Use of your personal data

In order to process applications for parking permits, season tickets or other parking services as well as appeals or queries relating to parking offences, we (Woking Borough Council) need to collect and store some of your personal data.

The personal data you are providing may be accessible by Chipside Ltd and Flowbird Ltd who both host our two parking computer systems as well as WPS, JustPark and ZatPark. It may also be shared with law enforcement agencies for the purpose of fraud investigation.

We will not use the personal data you are providing for any other purpose nor will we share it with any other organisations, unless the law allows us to do so. For example, if you contravene parking regulations we may share your personal data with HM Courts and bailiffs.

We will hold the personal data you are providing for no longer than 7 years after our last contact with you. You can contact us to ask us to access or to rectify the personal data we have about you or to object to the processing of it.