Electoral registration privacy notice

Use of your personal data

In order to satisfy our Electoral Registration duties, we (Woking Borough Council) need to collect your personal data on behalf of the Electoral Registration Officer. We will use your personal data in order to maintain the Register of Electors and to keep our records up to date. We will not use it for any other purposes unless the law allows us to do so.

Your name and address will be publicly accessible on the Electoral Register and this register will be made available to credit reference agencies, libraries and archives, Councillors and local political parties, the Police and other authorised bodies. In order to provide this service, your personal data may also be shared with third party suppliers that provide the Council’s electronic electoral management system and printing services. We will not share it with anyone else unless the law allows us to do so.

We will hold your personal data for no longer than 15 years after your entry on the electoral register has been removed. You can ask us to access or to rectify the personal data we have about you by contacting us.