Filming requests

Woking borough has been the chosen location for many TV shows, international films and music videos.

To apply to film within the borough, please consider the following before you submit an application.

  • Location. Applications to film within Woking Borough should be directed to the organisation responsible for the requested location. See the next section for more information.
  • Production details. In order to provide permission to film, we will need to know what you are filming, the proposed content and activities, details of the crew and cast including any child and celebrity actors, use of live animals, traffic management requirements and any parking and unit base requests.
  • Documentation. We will only give permission to applicants who supply a copy of a valid public liability insurance certificate which is in excess of £5 million and a completed risk assessment of the proposed activities.
  • Local impact. Each application will need to consider the impact to local services, residents, businesses, commuters and emergency accesses. If specific groups are likely to be affected by the filming, a stakeholder communications plan will be required before your application is approved.

Filming locations

Listed below are the locations and relevant organisation in which enquiries should be directed. If your chosen location is not listed below, please contact our marketing communications team who will put you in touch with the relevant organisation or owner.

Woking town centre

Requests to undertake filming or promotional activities within the public areas of Woking town centre falls under the jurisdiction of two organisations.

  • Victoria Place manages bookings within Woking town centre's shopping centre and for Jubilee Square, Mercia Walk and Commercial Way.

Phone: 01483 741 000


  • Woking Borough Council manages bookings for all other public areas within the town centre boundary.

View a copy of the Woking town centre map

Submit an application by completing the ‘ Apply to film on council managed land’ online form at the end of this page.

Public highways

Filming requests on and/or next to the highway, outside of the Woking town centre boundary*, are managed by Surrey Film Office on behalf of Surrey County Council, which is responsible for the county's highways.

Apply to film on a Surrey County Council highway

* For Woking requests relating to town centre highways, please check the Woking town centre boundary map.

If your request falls within the boundary, please contact us, Woking Borough Council, using the application form below.

Other public locations within the borough

Woking Parks, other recreation grounds and country parksComplete our filming request form
Goldsworth Park recreation groundComplete our filming request form
Horsell CommonContact Horsell Common Preservation Society
Basingstoke CanalContact the Basingstoke Canal Authority
Muslim Burial Ground and Peace GardenContact Horsell Common Preservation Society
Brookwood CemeteryComplete our filming request form
Shah Jahan MosqueContact the Shah Jahan Mosque

Additional costs

Depending on your proposed activities, you may need to apply for additional licenses or permissions, such as:

  • parking bay suspension or yellow line dispensation
  • Temporary Traffic Orders
  • Temporary Event Notice or premises licence
  • temporary street trading licence
  • building control temporary structures licence
  • highways licence for a temporary structure, hoarding, crane or cherry picker operation
  • planning permission or advert consent
  • cleansing.

The officer assigned to your application will inform you of what will be required, potential costs and how to apply.

Filming fees

Applications to film on Woking Borough Council managed land are subject to fees, which:

  • are undertaken by commercial companies and organisations
  • require reserved parking spaces, on-street parking bay suspensions, traffic management and closed unit bases
  • the closure of public areas.

Fees are determined on a case by case basis depending on the proposed activities and are reviewed and discussed once an application has been submitted.

Charges will be requested for service and facility closures, the need to procure any additional services and/or equipment and the administration time required to organise.

Subject to the proposed activities, non-commercial companies, such as community groups, students and charities, may not be subject to filming fees.


Applications must be submitted, as a minimum, three working days before the proposed filming dates.

Filming requests with longer term filming and production requirements should apply within a minimum of four working weeks of the proposed activity dates.

Apply to film on council managed land

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For more information, please contact the marketing communications team.


Phone: 01483 755 855

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