Housing Benefit and Council Tax Support

The following services are available online to make it quick and easy for you to interact with the Council.

Information on how we use and store your data is available here.

Housing Benefit & Council Tax Support Application Form
Make a claim for either Housing Benefit or Council Tax Support.

Do not delay in submitting the form if you have not got all the evidence available. If you do delay in sending the form you may lose benefit/support.If you are unable to complete the form, or have questions about the form or the evidence you need to provide, contact the Benefits Section.

Housing Benefit/Council Tax Support CalculatorCheck to see what Housing Benefit or Council Tax Support you could be entitled to.

Housing Benefit/Council Tax Support Change of Circumstances Form
Report changes in your circumstances if you are an existing claimant.

Housing Benefit/Council Tax Support Change of Address FormReport a change of address if you are an existing claimant.

Discretionary Housing Payment Application FormApply for additional discretionary payments if you are struggling financially.

Certificate of Earnings FormWhere payslips cannot be provided, your employer can complete a certificate of earnings form to verify your earnings.

Housing Benefit on Two Homes Form
If you are an existing Housing Benefit claimant and had to move address and there is an un-avoidable liability to pay rent on 2 homes.

Direct Payment To Landlord FormRequest Housing Benefit payments to be paid direct to your landlord if certain circumstances apply.

Declaration of ownership of Second Home Form
Complete to declare you own or have an interest in another property.

Housing Benefit/Council Tax Support Review Form
Existing Housing Benefit/Council Tax Support claimants may be to asked to confirm their current circumstances from time to time.

Housing Benefit

Housing benefit is a national welfare benefit. Council Tax Support is a local scheme providing help towards your Council Tax.

Housing benefit and Council Tax Support are administered by local councils. The purpose is to help people on low incomes pay their rent and Council Tax.

A discretionary Local Assistance Scheme is available to Surrey residents in need of emergency support. For further information about the scheme please view Surrey County Council's webpage here.

Benefit Cap

The Welfare Reform and Work Act (2016) introduces some changes to the benefit cap. These changes, which will take effect in autumn 2016, include changes to the benefit cap levels to 23,000 a year for couples with or without children and lone parents and 15,410 for single people without children in Greater London, and 20,000 and 13,400 respectively for those groups elsewhere in Great Britain. They also include additional exemptions for recipients of Guardians Allowance, Carers Allowance and Universal Credit claimants who receive payments towards carers costs.

For more information about the benefit cap changes please visit www.Gov.UK/benefit-cap

Council Tax Support

Woking's scheme incorporates the main Surrey Framework criteria into the Government's Council Tax Support scheme.

  • You cannot claim a second adult rebate. If you live alone you can claim a 25% Council Tax discount, regardless of your income. If a second adult moves in with you, they will not be able to claim a second adult rebate.
  • The maximum award is restricted to the level of a Band D property. If you live in a Council Tax Band E to H property, you will now receive support equivalent to a Band D property.
  • No award of less than 5.00 will be made. If your assessed weekly Council Tax Support entitlement is less than 5.00, Support will not be given.
  • Council Tax Support will not be provided if you and/or your partner have more than 10,000.00 in capital.

Please note that claimants of Pension Credit age are exempt from the above.

Further Information For Housing Benefit

For information for single claimants aged 25 to 34 click here.

For information regarding the Size Criteria for Registered Social Landlord Tenants from click here.

More information about Housing Benefit is available here.

For information about the Council Tax Support scheme rules click here. The allowances and rates shown in this scheme will normally change in April each year.

You will also need to provide evidence in support of your claim. We will not be able to process your claim without the supporting evidence we ask for. All documents supplied as supporting evidence must be original documents.

If you are unable to complete the form, or have questions about the form or the evidence you need to provide, please contact us.