Responses to applications PLAN/2019/1176 and 1177

We’ve received a large number of supportive letters using the same letter template which differ by names and addresses only. We will not be issuing an acknowledgement letter to these contributors.


Flooding responsibilities and contacts

Storm Dennis may cause surface water flooding this weekend. A range of public sector agencies are responsible for different types of flooding.

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Create named and/or numbered addresses within new streets (five or more new properties)

Please note the definition of a ‘development’ is five or more new properties.

Where a development features new properties (five or more) which are accessed via a new street, the developer is required to submit a minimum of three different street names to us for consideration or approval. These must be listed in order of preference and should have a local or historical connection. The numbering sequence within the new street will be allocated by us.
The proposed names will be considered by the local ward councillors. If a name cannot be agreed we will ask the developer to provide alternative suggestions until a name has been approved.

How to apply

View application guidelines

To apply online, you will need to submit the following:

  • site and location plans of the property or development, including Autocad files
  • the approved planning application reference number
  • a description of the site.

Once agreed, we will confirm the new addresses with the developer and other interested parties, such as the emergency services, statutory undertakers, utility companies and various departments within the council.

Apply to name a new street and the new properties within the street