Older people

There are various options available to older people whether they wish to remain in their current home, need to move to a more suitable home or are threatened with, or are, homeless.

If you are threatened with homelessness, or are homeless, we have a duty to assess the circumstances of your homelessness, identify your housing and support needs and work with you to prevent your homelessness or support you to find somewhere to live.

We will provide you with a Personal Housing Plan which will explain where we can assist and what you can do to help yourself. This might include actions such as attending property viewings in private or supported housing or engaging with organisations that can assist older people.

To be legally obliged to provide you with accommodation, we need to be satisfied that you are eligible, homeless, in priority need and that you have not made yourself intentionally homeless.

Whilst old age itself does not mean a priority need for accommodation, we review all your personal circumstances and take into account information that we gather from various sources including any medical professionals involved in your care. Even if we do not have a statutory duty to provide accommodation, we will actively work with you to try to resolve your housing need.

Our accommodation offer

We can provide housing for older people with housing and support needs in self-contained accommodation. Properties are mainly studio or one-bedroom flats. Tenants can apply for Careline services and may qualify for support from us or Surrey County Council’s Adult Social Care Team.

Although most people moving into supported housing will be aged 60 or over, younger people may also benefit from housing with support. For example, if they have mental health support needs or a physical or learning disability and have been assessed as requiring both housing and support.

All applicants will be assessed for their housing and support need. Applicants must have both needs before being accepted.


It is sometimes possible to buy a flat in a housing complex specifically for older people. If you already own your home, it may be easier for you to buy than to rent, as home owners are usually not given priority to rent from us or housing association.

Support available to remain in your own home

It may be possible to adapt or provide equipment to make your home more suitable for your housing needs helping you to maintain your independence for as long as possible.

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