Waste and Recycling

Woking Borough Council empties over 4 million wheeled bins every year and thanks to our residents, our household recycling rate stands at an impressive rate of 60%.

Recycling is very important as it helps us to save the environment and a lot of money, which can then be spent on more desirable things within the Borough.

Woking Borough Council operates a selection of waste and recycling services to help make recycling easy, simple and convenient. You should find all the information and guidance you need relating to these services right here:

When is my collection day?

What goes in my bins?

Download the lastest recycling guide

Garden waste

Bulky waste collections

Report a waste related issue

Waste policies and provisions

Recycling search tool

Resources to help you recycle

Translated waste and recycling information

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If you have any further enquiries, please do not hesitate to contact us:

Email: waste@woking.gov.uk

Phone: 01483 755855