Waste and Recycling

Hello and welcome to the Woking Borough Council Waste & Recycling Website.

Woking Borough Council empties over 4 million wheeled bins every year and thanks to our residents, our household recycling rate stands at around 60%. This puts Woking Borough Council amongst the top performing local authorities in the UK, so a well done and thank you to our residents for helping us to achieve this. With this in mind, we are now confident we can get our household recycling up to 80%.

The importance of recycling is paramount. Recycling doesn't only help the environment; it can also help us all to save a lot of money that can then be spent on more desirable things within the Woking Borough.

Woking Borough Council operates a selection of waste and recycling services to make recycling easy, simple and convenient for our residents to use. You will find all the information and guidance you need relating to these services on this website:

Waste & Recycling Highlights from 2016

Why have I received a 'CLEAN, DRY AND LOOSE' sticker on my recycling bins?

Woking waste and recycling service information:

Your waste and recycling services
When is my collection day?
Download your recycling services guide
Waste and recycling provisions for new residential developments

Your waste & recycling services in Woking (What goes in each bin)

When is my collection day?

Download your recycling services guide

Waste and recycling provisions for new residential developments

Wheeled bin policies

Translated waste and recycling service information factsheets

Report, renew and subscribe:

Report, renew and subscribe

Garden waste, bulky collections and Recycle for Woking newsletter e-forms

Recycling explained and made easy in Woking:

Why recycle and what happens to my recycling
Recycling room by room and Recycling at School
Reduce, reuse, then recycle
Recycling directories

Why recycle and what happens to my recycling?

Recycling at home (Room by room and plastic recycling)

Recycling at Schools

Reduce, reuse, then recycle

Woking's recycling directory (A-Z)

Surrey Waste Partnership
Check the list, not the label
Wokings recycling performance
Recycling success stories

The Surrey Waste Partnership

Wheeled bin hygiene advise

Just because it says it's recyclable, doesn't mean Woking can recycle it!

Recycling symbols explained

Good quality recycling saves us money!

Woking's recycling performance

Woking's Everyday Recycling Heroes

Celebrating residents recycling success stories!

If you have any further enquiries, please do not hesitate to contact us:

Email: waste@woking.gov.uk

Phone: 01483 755855

Alternatively, the Woking Borough Council Waste and Recycling Team are often out and about in the community. We will keep you posted of our attendance at different events in the table below:


Where will we be?

What time?


We are always busy looking for events to attend to promote our recycling services and messages, so thank you for your patience whilst we continue to look...