Display energy certificates

Woking Borough Council operates several buildings which fall within the requirements of the Energy Performance of Buildings Directive. A display energy certificate (DEC) and advisory report can be viewed for Woking Civic Offices and other council owned properties. Copies of the DECs are displayed in the reception area of these buildings.

Display energy certificates show the actual energy usage of a building, the 'operational rating', and help the public see the energy efficiency of a building. This is based on the energy consumption of the building as recorded by gas, electricity and other meters.

The DEC should be clearly displayed at all times and clearly visible to the public. A DEC is always accompanied by an advisory report that lists cost effective measures to improve the energy rating of the building.

Display energy certificates are required for buildings with a total useful floor area over 500m2 that are occupied by a public authority or institution providing a public service to a large number of persons, and therefore visited by those persons. They are valid for one year. The accompanying advisory report is valid for seven years.

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