How we're tackling climate change

Woking has long been committed to protecting the environment. Our first climate change strategy was adopted in 2002, although our efforts began much earlier in 1990.  We have achieved a lot since then and much has been made possible through working together with key stakeholders, commercial partners and volunteer organisations to meet our common environmental goals.

Woking 2050

Woking 2050 is our current climate change strategy, adopted in 2015.  This sets out a vision guiding our collective efforts to create a sustainable borough by reducing our impact on the environment. 

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Woking 2050 is not just about carbon, it looks at our whole way of living and how it influences our environment. As a council we have a role to bring together our combined potential to make a difference for the future. 

Our goal is a borough:

  • that protects and enhances its high quality natural environment
  • where resources are used wisely and biodiversity is conserved
  • that has a built environment that is developed sustainably, which meets local needs and enables the local economy to prosper
  • that recognises, prepares and adapts to the socio-economic
  • environmental and demographic changes that the future will bring.

Our climate change projects and initiatives

We monitor delivery of Woking 2050 through our climate change working group, whose members include representatives from the community, business, environmental organisations, councillors and council officers.

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Natural Woking, adopted 2016, is our equivalent strategy for biodiversity and green spaces. 

Read about our nature and sustainability projects

We will review and update both strategies on a five year rolling basis.

The Council declares a climate emergency

On 25 July 2019, the Council declared a climate emergency. This recognises the continued priority the borough gives to addressing global climate change, including biodiversity and habitat losses, through strong local commitment and most importantly actions. The Council pledged to become zero carbon by 2030 across its own estate and operations.