Online payments privacy notice

Use of your personal data

When you make a payment online using this online service, we (Woking Borough Council) collect and store some of your personal data, which might include your address and your credit card details.

Unless the law allows us to do so, we will not use the personal data you are providing for any other purpose apart from for the payment you are making, resolving any issues with that payment and contacting you about further payments you need to make.

The personal data you provide will be accessible by Capita, who host this online service on our behalf. It may also be made available to:

  • Your bank
  • If necessary, the Police, the Courts, bailiffs or immigration services
  • Auditors of the Council

We will not share the personal data you are providing with any other external organisations, unless they directly relate to the payment you are making or the law allows us to do so otherwise.

We will hold the personal data you are providing for no longer than 25 years after you last make a payment to us. You can ask us to access, rectify or erase the personal data we have about you by contacting us. However, the personal data associated with payments may have to be retained, in some cases in connection with either contractual or statutory obligations.