Dog fouling reports privacy notice

Use of your personal data

In order to receive reports of dog fouling, we (Woking Borough Council) need to collect your personal data, and if possible, personal data about the person in charge of the dog.

We will use your personal data to process the report you are making. We will not use it for any other purposes unless the law allows us to do so.

We may share your personal data with the Police or the Courts if the matter is taken further. It will be accessible by Idox Software, who provide the software on which personal data relating to Environmental Health is stored. We will not share it with any other organisations unless the law allows us to do so.

We will hold your personal data for no longer than 7 years after our last correspondence with you, unless the matter is taken further. You can contact us to ask us to access or to rectify the personal data we have about you or to object to the processing of it.