Young People’s Civic Awards Results 2024


Tuesday, 21 May, 2024

Exceptional members of Woking’s community celebrated their achievements at the annual Mayor Making ceremony last night (Monday 20 May), hosted by the outgoing Mayor of Woking, Cllr M Ilyas Raja.

The event recognises the dedication of Woking residents during the past mayoral year who have demonstrated exemplary behaviours and had a significant impact on the lives of others.

Eminent Citizen

Each year, the outgoing Mayor selects a resident who has provided an ‘eminent service’ to the community and appoints them Eminent Citizen.

Tony Doran - Eminent Citizen

Tony has been chosen for his commitment and generosity towards his community. Polite, friendly, and helpful to everyone around him, Tony is always there to offer a hand to those who need it. Tony is recognised for his exemplary behaviour of what it is to be a good citizen.

Young People’s Civic Award Scheme

Celebrating its 28th year, the Young People’s Civic Awards Scheme rewards young people who make an outstanding contribution to the community whose achievements may not normally be recognised.

The scheme is open to all young people up to the age of 18 who live or attend school or college in Woking.

Nominations were judged by the Mayor of Woking.

The winners of this year’s Young People’s Civic Awards Scheme are:

James Dey - Outstanding Contribution to the Community

James is a remarkable young man who volunteers at Wheels for All-inclusive cycling charity at Woking Sportsbox. At only 13 years old, James confidently interacts with all the participants, some of whom have very challenging communication limitations and behaviours. James takes the initiative and is always eager to assist, such as adjusting helmets and cycles, giving safety advice, and making everyone feel welcome.

Sophie Signorelli – Outstanding Achievement

Sophie is an outstanding Woking College student with a strong work ethic and a thirst to learn. Sophie sadly lost her father at a young age and is a young carer for her mother. Despite facing challenges at home, Sophie has shown incredible resilience to focus on her studies. She is a highly intelligent young lady, able to manage her time extremely efficiently, and has offers to study law at Chichester and Southampton.

Ho Kiu Chan - Triumph Over Adversity

Ho is a kind and polite young man who demonstrates an outstanding attitude to his work in every subject he studies. Ho joined Winston Churchill School from Hong Kong working extremely hard to improve his English. Recently, Ho was part of Winston’s Year 10 winning Inter Schools Math Challenge team. Ho has shown exceptional courage, determination, and resilience to continue his studies whilst undergoing chemotherapy and numerous surgeries. Despite a tough few years, Ho’s always smiling and happy. His cheerful and positive attitude is an example to us all.

About the Presentation

Sponsored by Victoria Place Woking, each winner was presented with an award, a certificate, and a £20 Love2shop e-gift card.

Speaking about the awards, Cllr M Ilyas Raja, Mayor of Woking, said: “It is wonderful to finish the Mayoral year with a celebration marking the achievements of these exceptional individuals.

“The young people of Woking show us year after year how committed they are to the community and to their own enrichment. There is always a strong emphasis on helping those around them, despite the barriers they may face.

“These three young people should be incredibly proud of themselves, and I wish them the very best of luck for their bright futures.

“Woking has a vast voluntary sector, and I’d also like to recognise the many other voluntary groups and individuals from across Woking who work tirelessly to make significant contributions to the lives of others.

“Throughout my year as Mayor, I have seen first-hand the incredible impact these groups have on the Woking community. I would like to personally thank you all.”

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