New mobile CCTV cameras to target illegal fly-tippers


Friday, 3 February, 2023

A watchful eye will soon be looking over the borough’s fly-tipping hotspots, as mobile CCTV cameras will soon be deployed to help deter and identify illegal fly-tippers.

It is estimated that fly-tipping costs local taxpayers more than £30,000 a year to clear up and dispose of the dumped waste.

The mobile cameras will be moved around areas of the borough that are blighted by incidents of fly-tipping. The battery and solar powered cameras can continuously record and can easily be attached to infrastructure, such as lampposts and buildings, to deter potential offenders.

Recorded footage will be used to identify those illegally dumping waste and used as evidence in any subsequent enforcement action. The footage could also be employed in Court to support future prosecutions.

Cllr Peter Graves, Woking Borough Council’s Portfolio Holder for Greener Woking, said: “Fly-tipping affects everyone across our borough. It costs council taxpayers money, it damages our neighbourhoods and harms the environment.

“Fly-tipping is a serious criminal offence, and we hope these mobile CCTV cameras will act as a deterrent to many. However, we will not hesitate to prosecute those caught fly-tipping on camera, and this will help to go some way in tackling this ongoing and unwanted problem.

“It’s important to remember that the obligation to ensure that waste is disposed of lawfully falls on whoever produces the waste. As the householder, if you use an unlicensed waste carrier who illegally dumps your waste you are also liable to receive a fine and even face prosecution.

"With many lawful ways to dispose of your unwanted waste, including taking items to Martyr’s Lane Community Recycling Centre, there is simply no excuse.”

Where the mobile CCTV cameras are in operation, signage will be installed to warn people of the consequences of fly-tipping, with offenders facing a £400 Fixed Penalty Notice or an unlimited fine and six months in prison if the offence is taken to court.

Every incident of fly-tipping reported to Woking Borough Council is investigated before it is cleared up by the council’s environmental partner, Serco, at a cost to local taxpayers.

Learn more about waste disposal in the borough, including how to report incidents of fly-tipping.