Parks and countryside

Woking is home to a diverse range of parks and recreation grounds, including children's playgrounds, skate parks and games areas, sports pitches and playing fields and plenty of green open space. All facilities in these parks and recreation grounds are free to use without booking, unless there are links providing more information on the individual site pages.

Many open spaces are also available to hire for community events and activities.

Hire an open space

Woking Borough Council asks that visitors are respectful of their surroundings by following the rules and bylaws.


The use of BBQs in any of Woking's parks and recreation grounds is not permitted.

Sky lanterns

The use of sky lanterns is discouraged in Woking Borough. These airborne lanterns consist of a lightweight framework covered in paper with a small candle or fuel cell, which heats the air inside to lift the lantern. Lanterns can float for many miles from their point of release but will eventually fall back to earth.

Lanterns are a hazard to our environment, as litter causing danger to livestock and wildlife, and endangering life and property through the risk of fire. We ask you not to release lanterns, including from our parks and green spaces.

Please view the map below to find out more about individual parks and recreation grounds in Woking Borough.