Open space hire

Apply for hire of open space

You must apply at least 2 months before your event.

Apply to hire an open space

Once the application form is received we will be in touch to confirm the site and date availability. If available we will then require the following documents (please send these documents in one email for ease of processing):

  • Risk assessment - optional template available
  • Fire risk assessment (if necessary for the event)
  • Site plan
  • Proof of Public Liability Insurance (event organisers and all operators at the event are required to hold Public Liability Insurance that must be valid for the period of the event and provide cover of no less than £5 million)

Some events may also require a detailed safety plan and event specific documents (such as fairground ride certificates and music licences).

Fees for open space hire for events:

Land under three acres
Level 1: Commercial£200 per day
Level 2: Commercial Sport & Leisure£175 per day
Level 3: Standard Leisure£125 per day
Level 4: Community Sport & Leisure£50 per day
Land over three acres
Level 1: Commercial£350 per day
Level 2: Commercial Sport & Leisure£300 per day
Level 3: Standard Leisure£225 per day
Level 4: Community Sport & Leisure£125 per day

Local charities and community groups may, in some cases, be exempt from these fees.

Further information

Event risk assessment

Event terms and conditions

For further information about the hire of open spaces for events please contact Green Infrastructure on 01483 743888 or email