Refresh your postal vote signature

We are required by law to request a fresh signature once your application is five years old. This process is in place to ensure the accuracy and security of the absent vote system.

If you do not respond to our request, we will send a reminder after three weeks. If we do not receive a response within six weeks, your postal vote will be cancelled. If this happens, you will need to complete a new application form if you wish to continue voting by post.

If you are no longer able to provide a signature, for example due to a disability, please contact us .

If you wish to cancel your postal vote, please: 

  • review the form we have sent to you
  • tick the 'I no longer want to vote by post' box within the form
  • sign your signature in the space underneath the box
  • return the form to us in the prepaid envelope. 

Once we have cancelled your postal vote, we will send you a confirmation letter.

Contact details

Phone: 01483 755 855