Wheeled bin hygiene

Your waste, recycling and food containers are designed to safely accommodate your household waste until your containers are emptied on your collection day.Shiny wheeled bin

By following the simply hygiene practises suggested on this page, you will be able to keep your bin clean!

In the kitchen

  • Use the food waste collection service: Do not dispose of food waste in your black wheeled bin - this is collected fortnightly, whereas your food waste container is collected weekly.
  • Limit food waste exposure: Place food waste into your silver kitchen caddy as soon as possible.
  • Line your caddy: Line your silver kitchen caddy with newspapers or liners.Shopping list on the fridge
  • Only buy the food that you need: Try to avoid buying too much food during your weekly shop. This will save you money and also reduce the amount you throw away.

Your wheelie bins and food waste containers

  • Number your wheeled bins and green food waste collection bin to ensure you get your clean bin back after your collections.
  • Keep the lids of your containers closed at all times, and keep the handle of your food waste container in the locked position. If you have sacks, please ensure they are securely tied.
  • If possible, store all wheeled bins out of direct sunlight.


  • Rinse out packaging before placing it in the recycling bins. This can be done at the end of the washing up and will remove any stuck food residues. We may not collect your blue recycling bin if your packaging contains food residues.Rinsing out your recycling
  • Additional recycling should be presented in a securely tied, clear carrier bag alongside your recycling bin. If however, you often produce excess recycling, additional blue-lidded bins are available free of charge.

If you have young children...

  • Dispose of solid waste from nappies down the toilet and double-bag nappies before putting them in your black wheeled bin.
  • Re-usable nappies are washable, eco-friendly and would reduce the amount of waste going into your black wheeled bin.
  • If you have pets...
  • Try not to leave pet food uncovered.
  • When disposing of pet waste, double-bag to prevent odour and moisture from escaping and place into your black wheeled bin.

If you do get maggots...

Following the advice provided above should prevent maggots from developing in your bins, however, if you do get maggots, the following actions should be taken:

  • Tip the contents of the bin into plastic sacks and knot or seal tightly.
  • Place the plastic sack into your black wheeled bin ready for the next collection. The maggots should not be able to escape.
  • Disinfect your bin with strong smelling disinfectant and hot water.