Charitable collections

Charitable organisations planning collections in Woking, either on the street or by going from house to house, are required to apply to the Council for either a Street Collection permit or House to House Collection licence.

Street collections

A Street Collection Permit is required if you wish to make a charitable collection on the street or in a public place.  

  • Applications should preferably be made at least one month before the proposed date for the collection.
  • The licenses are valid for the day and between the hours stated on the permit.
  • There is no charge made for the permits.
  • The licensing authority may limit the collection to certain streets or public places.
  • All collectors must carry a collecting box.
  • All collectors must remain stationary and shall not be nearer to another collector than 25 metres. 
  • After the collection has taken place, a return form must be completed, detailing the amount collected, the expenses incurred and the amount collected in each box.

An application form is available for completion and further information is set out in the full regulations

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House to house collections

A House to House Collection Licence is required if you wish to collect money, or any other goods such as clothing, for charitable purposes, by knocking on the doors of private dwellings and places of business.

  • A house to house collection licence can be granted for any period up to one year.
  • No charge is made for the licence.
  • As with street collections, a return form must be completed, detailing the amount/items collected.

An application form is available for you to complete.

For further information, please contact the Council 01483 743436 or email