What is a LLPG?

Local Land and Property Gazetteer

The Local Land and Property Gazetteer (LLPG) is a database containing every address within a local authority's area. In addition to addresses it contains objects without postal addresses (OWPA) which are required for the business purpose of the local authority or users of the National Address Gazetteer (NAG).

LLPG's were created due to a realisation that 80% of the data within a local authority has an address element or is relative to a piece of land or property (BLPU). The aim was that the LLPG would become the single address data source for every department within that authority. If feeds into a national database known as the NAG (formerly the NLPG). Woking's LLPG was created in 2001 using data from Council Tax, Electoral Registration, Non-Domestic Rates and OS AddressPoint.

Since then the LLPG has been maintained using data from various internal sources including Street Naming and Numbering.The gazetteer supplies the following software systems within the Authority: UNI-form, Woking MapViewer, Academy, eXpress, Contact Manager, TLC and IPF. What makes the LLPG different from other address systems is that it incorporates GIS technology.

This means that the gazetteer can graphically represent where a property exists on a map, even display that property's extents. It is this capacity that makes the address data possibly the single most important and widely used piece of data by local authorities.The Street Naming and Numbering (SNN) service is closely connected with the LLPG.

At the time of the issue of a new address by the SNN Officer, the information is added into the LLPG, therefore it is always current and up to date.

At Woking both roles are carried out by the LLPG Officer. Street Naming and Numbering information can be found on the Council's website. For more information on Street Naming and Numbering or the LLPG please contact

If you discover any inaccuracies in the addresses you are using or believe that one you are searching for is not present you should contact and report this so that it can be investigated.