Green initiatives

Reducing CO Emissions

Vehicles are a significant source of CO emissions. Transport accounted for 123,200 tonnes of Woking Borough's carbon footprint in 2013 - approximately 20% of its total footprint (source: DECC - latest available stats published in June 2015). To reduce the number of vehicle movements in the town, and to encourage drivers to opt for more environmentally friendly cars, a number of initiatives are in place to help reduce CO emissions, in line with Woking 2050, the Council's climate change and sustainability strategy.

  • Enterprise Car Club has two car club vehicles operating in Woking available for hire by the public. More details are available here and here.
  • Differential charging levels for car park season tickets are in place which are based on a vehicle's CO emission rating (determined by the Vehicle Certification Agency). A 50% discount on the price of car park season ticket is applied for vehicles that produce the lowest emissions (CO band A), and a 25% discount for vehicles in band B. Vehicles with a band G rating (the highest band) pay a 25% surcharge. Find out more here.
  • Charging points for electric vehicles have been installed across the town centre car parks. Details are available here.

For more information on the Council's green initiatives click here.