Enterprise Car Club

These days, we are all looking for more sustainable ways to travel, either to help save money on running costs or to protect the planet by reducing the amount of carbon produced.

Through its Climate Change Strategy, Woking 2050, Woking Borough Council is committed to promoting sustainable ways to travel. That's why it has invested in the local cycle infrastructure, providing cycle storage and cycle paths across the Borough. The Council has also teamed up with Enterprise, an innovative way of providing car hire to businesses and residents that is convenient, affordable and good for the environment.

What is Enterprise Car Club?Car Club helps families

Sometimes you need a car when you don't have a car. Enterprise Car Club can help with that.

Enterprise Car Club is an hourly, self-service car rental service based in 23+ UK cities nationwide - including Woking. Membership-based, the Car Club short-term affordable access to a car, while positively contributing to the objectives for a cleaner, greener Borough. Not only does car sharing reduce the amount of cars on the road, the Car Club uses fuel efficient vehicles to lessen the impact on the environment.

With 23+ cars located across Surrey available 24 hours, 7 days a week, 365 days a year, Enterprise Car Club takes care of everything but the driving including: tax, insurance, MOTs, maintenance, cleaning, even the fuel!

Unlike owning a car, with Enterprise Car Club you only pay for the time you actually need it, so you're not paying for a vehicle while its sits doing nothing. If you're someone who travels less than 8,000 miles a year, joining the Car Club could save you on your motoring costs.

How do I become a member of the Car Club scheme?

Car Club can help when you are movingFor an annual membership fee, and a one-off registration fee, Car Club members have access to vehicles for an hourly rate starting at 4.95 and a charge per mile.

Once signed up to the scheme, members are given access to the online booking system. A special card is used to access the vehicles, which are currently located in convenient locations around Surrey, including in dedicated bays in the Shoppers' Car Park in Woking Town Centre.

To sign-up to the Car Club, or for more information, please visit www.EnterpriseCarClub.co.uk or email tony.barnard@ehi.com

As a special bonus you can now sign up to Enterprise Car Club for just 10 and receive 2 hours driving credit free. To redeem this offer, simply apply online at www.EnterpriseCarClub.co.uk and enter code WOKC16.

(Standard terms apply. Valid on Standard annual membership plan only. 2 hours driving credit is equal to 10 on small/medium category vehicles and is valid for 60 days. This promotion is not valid on "Under 22" membership).

Getting a car is as easy as 1, 2, 3, 4!

We've made the process simple.

Step 1 - Join online. You'll be asked to complete an online licence check, once approved you'll receive, through the post, everything you need to get you on the road.

Step 2 - Reserve. Login and select your preferred vehicle and time. You can reserve via the app or by calling the Clubhouse Team on 0345 266 9290.

Step 3 - Unlock & Go. Access the car with you membership card and simply enter your PIN in the in-car computer to collect the keys and start your reservation.

Step 4 - Return. Return the vehicle to the same location at the end of your reservation. Pop the keys back inside the in-car computer and lock the car with your membership card one last time. The doors will lock and your reservation will end.