Planning publications

The following planning documents are available from planning services.

Local Development Documents

Core Strategy

The Core Strategy was adopted by Council on the 25 October 2012 and now forms part of the Development Plan. It can be accessed on line by visiting the dedicated Woking 2027 website.

Development Management Policies DPD

The Development Management Policies DPD was adopted on 20 October 2016 and now forms part of the Development Plan.

All the Core Strategy and Development Management Policies evidence base can be viewed here.

Neighbourhood Plans

Neighbourhood Development Plans, Neighbourhood Development Orders and Community Right to Build Orders can now become part of the Council's local development plan for the Borough, which means that the policies and proposals within them will be used in the determination of planning applications, including appeals. Adopted Neighbourhood Plans, those being prepared, and further details on the neighbourhood planning process, can be found on the Woking2027 website.

Supplementary Planning Documents

The following supplementary planning documents have been published.

Parking Standards SPD

Outlook, Amenity, Privacy and Daylight SPD

Climate Change SPD

Affordable Housing Delivery SPD and guidance note

Hot Food Takeaway SPD

Design SPD

Detailed information is available from the Woking 2027 webpages.

Supplementary Planning Guidance

A number of Supplementary Planning Guidance (SPG) notes accompanied the Woking Local Plan 1999. Whilst the Local Plan 1999 has been superseded by the Core Strategy and Development Management Policies, the guidance is still relevant and useful. The Council is in the process of reviewing its SPDs and SPGs upon adoption of the Development Management Policies DPD.

With regards to the Urban Areas of Special Residential Character (UASRC) designation in policy HSG20 of the Local Plan, this was not carried forward in the Core Strategy, the SPG on the UASRC still provides guidance regarding the character of these areas, however it carries limited weight.

All Supplementary Planning Guidance documents can be found on the Woking2027 website.

Urban Design

The following documents provide information on design issues.

Planning Services publishes a number of other documents. Many are available on the Council's website or can be viewed online at a terminal at the Civic Offices. Paper copies of most planning documents can be made available to members of the public, you are advised that some may incur a charge. For more information please contact our Administration Team on 01483 743843


Other Planning Documents

  • Enforcement charter
  • A charter for development control
  • A guide to the decision making process of planning applications can be found on the Planning Portal website.