Publicity and neighbour notification for planning applications

As a local planning authority we are required by law to publicise all planning applications. This can include advertisements in a local newspaper, site notices and neighbour notifications. Applications are also advertised weekly in the press and on the Council's website.

What publicity will be undertaken?

The following table sets out the publicity that will be undertaken for each type of application:

Nature of development

Publicity required

Applications that:
  • are accompanied by an environmental statement
  • are departures from development plan
  • affect a public right of way or
  • are made by the Council.
Advertisement in newspaper, site notice and neighbour notification.
Major development.

Advertisement in newspaper, neighbour notification and site notice.

Minor development.

Neighbour notification.

Development affecting the setting of a listed building.

Advertisement in newspaper, site notice and neighbour notification.

Development affecting the character or appearance of a conservation area.

Advertisement in newspaper, site notice and neighbour notification.

Permitted development requiring prior notification to local planning authority.

Site notice posted by developer.


  • Owners or occupiers of land adjacent to each application site will be notified. The only exception is when neighbouring land is unoccupied in which case a site notice is displayed instead. If it is considered that a planning application may have an impact beyond its immediate locality the Council will usually consult over a wider area.
  • Site notices will be placed on or near the site.
  • Comments should be received within 21 days of the notification/display date and 14 days of advertisement date.
  • Major development is:
    (i) erection of ten or more dwellings or housing development on a site of 0.5 hectare or more
    (ii) erection of a building or buildings where the floor space to be created is 1,000m2 or more and
    (iii) development on a site of 1 hectare or more.
  • The Council has discretion to identify and advertise other developments which are likely to be of wider concern.