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The Enforcement Register

The Local Planning Authority is responsible for keeping a Register of Enforcement Notices.

If a breach of planning control has been identified and it has been necessary to serve a Notice to rectify that breach, the Notice is placed on the Enforcement Register.

The Register includes Enforcement Notices, Listed Building Enforcement Notices, Stop Notices, Temporary Stop Notices and Breach of Condition Notices.

Once a Notice has been served it remains on the Register forever until it is officially withdrawn.

This remains the case even when the Notice has been complied with. This web page provides a facility to search the Enforcement Register for Notices served since 1955 to date. You are able to search for Notices based on reference number (for example ENF or EO), address details (including partial) and dates.

The Register will be updated whenever an Enforcement Notice is served.Please note this Register does not provide details of enforcement cases where a Notice has not been served.

For any other details please make a request in writing to the Planning Enforcement Team using the contact details below:

Planning Enforcement
Woking Borough Council
Civic Offices
Gloucester Square
GU21 6YL

Email : planningenforcement@woking.gov.uk

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Below is a search box, this box enables you to enter text.
The search function below can also use wild cards *. So you can either enter the road, enforcement reference number or parts thereof.

So for example if you wanted to search for the reference number ENF/2010/00089, you could enter ENF*00089 or *2010/00089 or *2010*89
Etc. If you wanted to search for part of the address, for example the road, you could enter *Princess Road* or * Princess* or *72 Princess Road*.

The format of the file names to search are as follows:
The reference, the name/number, the road, the person the notice was served against.
So if you are searching for the address you will need a * in front of it, for example *72 Princess Road*

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