Local Plan 1999

The Local Plan (adopted by the Council on 27 August 1999) has been superseded by the Council's Local Development Documents including:

When the Core Strategy was adopted in 2012 it superseded a significant number of policies in the Woking Local Plan 1999. A limited number of detailed policies (set out in Appendix 6 of the Core Strategy) were 'saved' until such time that they were superseded by the adoption of relevant Development Plan Documents.

In October 2016, the Council adopted the Development Management Policies DPD. This supersedes the remaining 'saved' policies of the Woking Local Plan 1999.

Supplementary Planning Guidance

The Council produced a number of Supplementary Planning Guidance documents (SPGs) to provide further guidance on the policies of the Woking Local Plan 1999. The SPGs that are still relevant can be viewed here.