Prior notification of proposed development by telecommunications code systems operators (Part 24, Class A)

Important notes

Prior notification of proposed development by telecommunications code sytsems operators should be submitted in accordance with the requirements in this checklist. If not, the application may be declared invalid and not determined or processing may be delayed.

If the application is submitted electronically one copy of the form and each of the drawings, plans and documentation will be required but 2 copies (1 original and 1 copy) will be required if the application is submitted in paper form.

Drawings should include information clearly stating the original size of the paper and include a scale bar indicating a minimum 0-10 metres. This is to enable them to be accurately read online. Plans marked with "do not scale" or any similar phrase will be returned as unacceptable as for planning purposes we must be able to scale from all drawings.

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National requirements

  • The correct fee.
  • Location plan indicating the proposal based on an up-to-date map.

  • A written description of the proposed development, including the developer's contact address and, if they have one, email address.

  • Evidence that notice has been given to any person who is an owner or tenant of the land by serving of a notice, or evidence that reasonable steps have been taken to ascertain the names and addresses by local advertisement.

  • Where the development consists of installation of a mast within 3km of the perimeter of an aerodrome, evidence that the Civil Aviation Authority, Secretary of State for Defence or aerodrome operator, as appropriate, has been notified.

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Local Requirements (reviewed 12 September 2014)

  • A signed ICNIRP declaration.

  • Streetscene, photos and photomontages. At applicant's discretion.

  • Important Note: The application will not be made invalid for lack of this information, but failure to provide it, may be likely to lead to the refusal of the application.

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Printable application form

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Guidance on completing application form

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