Prior Approval (Class O) Change of use of Offices to Dwelling(s)

Important notes

Even if the local planning authority grants prior approval, you may need other consents, such as permission under the Habitats Regulations before you carry out the works.

An Amendment Order to the Town and Country Planning (General Permitted Development) (England) Order 2015 (GPDO) came into force on 6 April 2016, making the existing temporary permitted development right to change buildings in office use to dwelling houses a permanent right, with an extra condition allowing the Local Planning Authority to consider certain noise impacts. Where permitted, development under Class O will be subject to the condition that it must be completed within a period of 3 years starting with the prior approval date.

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National requirements

  1. A written description of the proposed development.
  2. A plan indicating the site and showing the proposed development.
  3. The developer's contact address.
  4. The developer's email address, where appropriate.
  5. The required fee see link below.

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Local requirements (reviewed 12 September 2014)

Such information as may be necessary to enable the local planning authority to determine the:

  • transport and highways impacts of the proposal;
  • contamination risks on the site;
  • flood risks on the site; and
  • impacts of noise from commercial premises on the intended occupiers of the development.

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Apply Online

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Printable application form

This template can be used by a developer to notify the local planning authority of the intention to the use of Offices (Class B1(a)) to dwellinghouses (Class C3).

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