As the scheme progresses, we are committed to working with you to understand your views and opinions. This will help us develop our plans for the future phased works, whilst supporting residents.

Information about current and future consultations and events, along with dates and venue details, will be available from this webpage.

Forthcoming consultations

Property ownership research
We have appointed Land Referencing Services LLP (LRS) to undertake a land and property ownership review. This is to assist us identify who has property interests in land (owners, occupiers, rights over land) in, and adjacent to, the regeneration area.

We will require this information if it is necessary to make a Compulsory Purchase Order (CPO).

LRS will be visiting all properties within the regeneration area and some just outside it. They will initially contact you by post and/or visit each property to undertake their research. It is anticipated that you will be contacted in spring/summer 2018.

Recent events

Pre-planning consultation exhibition
On 18 January 2018, Thameswey Development Ltd hosted a public engagement event at Parkview Centre for the Community to present their revised proposals for the redevelopment of Sheerwater.

Around 300 people attended the event. Attendees had the opportunity to give their feedback on their proposals.

View the exhibition display

Overall the comments and general feedback were positive about the proposed improvements. Visitors were supportive of the extended public open space and the increase in the mix of smaller units, particularly the affordable units. There was also positive feedback about relocating the older people's accommodation to the centre of the development and the provision of specific car parks for the community facilities and main park.

Secure Council Tenants S105 Housing Act 1985 consultation
Section 105 of the Housing Act 1985 (Section 105) requires the Council to inform Secure Council Tenants about its tenancy proposals for the regeneration scheme.

The consultation asked for comments on the:

  • type of tenancy
  • tenancy length
  • proposed rent levels
  • proposed rent increases
  • management arrangement for the new properties
  • Earn Your Deposit Scheme.

The closing date for responses was 19 January 2018. The responses are being analysed by The Halo Works Ltd, an independent market research company. Halo's analysis will be published here once it is reported to a future meeting of Council.

An initial Section 105 consultation was held during March 2017 with Secure Council Tenants. In total there was 49 responses, with 82% of respondents agreeing with the proposed transfer of their tenancy from New Vision House to Thameswey.