Assets of Community Value

Residents have a right to be able to nominate some local public or privately owned buildings or land as being an asset of community value.

Eligible local voluntary groups or community organisations (not individuals) have been able to nominate an 'asset' (land or property) in the district, which they believe furthers the social well-being or interests of the local community.

Nomination process

Nomination forms must be completed and then returned to Woking Borough Council, with sufficient evidence included to support the application. Guidance notes are included in the document.

If a valid nomination is received, Woking Borough Council has eight weeks to consider the nomination against criteria and consult the owner, before making a decision as to whether it qualifies.

The asset will then be placed on a list of successful and unsuccessful nominations on the Councils website.

If successfully nominated, the asset will remain on the list for five years, after which the protection will expire. During this period, if the owner wishes to sell it, they must advise Woking Borough Council, who will then inform community groups. The groups will then have an initial period of six weeks to consider if they want to express an interest in bidding for the asset. If a community group wishes to proceed, a six month moratorium would be placed on the sale to allow the group to raise funds.

Determined nominations

More information

For more information about Assets of Community Value, please view the 'Procedure' document.

If you have any further queries or questions, please email or call 01483 743845.