Fees and charges - 1 April 2018

The fees and charges displayed include VAT.


Contaminated land search (hourly rate) 126
Copy of authorisation of industrial processes 24
Copy of food register entry 10
Copy of motor salvage vehicle operator register entry 12
Environmental search (hourly rate) 79.70
Public health funeral* 350

*Charge to be made where there are sufficient funds in the deceased's estate after payment of funeral costs

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Animal welfare

Animal boarding establishment 100
Dangerous wild animals
(including the initial veterinary inspection)
Dog breeder - initial*
(requires an initial veterinary inspection)
Dog breeder - renewal 70
Pet shop 100
Riding establishment
(including the initial veterinary inspection)
Additional veterinary inspection (hourly rate) 100.37

* The Council's licence fee for an initial dog breeder licence does not include the fee for the initial veterinary inspection.

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Domestic pest control

Fleas/cockroaches/bedbugs* 94.50
Mice* (inside home) 36
Rats* 36
Wasps* 58.50
Wasps - additional nest at same address treated at same time* 10

* Half price to those in receipt of the following benefits: Income Support, Pension Credit, Job-seeker's Allowance (income and contribution based), Council Tax Benefit or Housing Benefit.

All refunds for pest control, except for cancelled appointments, will be subject to a 25 charge.

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Food/water control

Food export licence 51
Private water supply sample 61
Food hygiene rating scheme re-inspection request 150

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Mobile Homes Licencing

Annual fee - 1 to 5 pitches 20.50
Annual fee - 6 to 24 pitches 54.65
Annual fee - 25 to 100 pitches 123
Application for a new Site Licence - 1 to 5 pitches 394.20
Application for a new Site Licence - 6 to 24 pitches 415.20
Application for a new Site Licence - 25 to 100 pitches 455.20
Vary licence - 1 to 5 pitches 268.70
Vary licence - 6 to 24 pitches 278.70
Vary licence - 25 to 100 pitches 298.70
Transfer licence 133.60

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Private Water Supply Regulations 2009 Charges

Risk Assessment (each assessment) 500
Sampling (each visit) 100
Investigation (each investigation) 100
Granting an authorisation (each authorisation) 100
Analysing a sample taken under Regulation 10 25
Analysing a sample taken during check monitoring 100
Analysing a sample taken during audit monitoring 500

The fees and charges for private water supply sampling are maximum fees

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Houses in multiple occupation (HMO)

HMO licence fee for a new application 610
Accredited Landlord HMO Licence Fee for New Application 200
HMO Licence Renewal Fee 440
Accredited Landlord HMO Licence Renewal Fee 200
Application to Vary a Licence No charge
Notices and Orders Issued (fee per notice or order) 450
Emergency Remedial Action 450 plus cost of work*
Works Carried out in Default of a Notice varied*

* The charge for repairs undertaken by the Council will vary depending on the work being undertaken. The charge is based on an hourly rate, plus the cost of materials for the work being undertaken with a 20% administration charge added to the total amount.

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Scrap Metal Dealers

Site 446
Collector 236

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Skin piercing

Skin piercing registration - operator 130
Skin piercing registration - premises 295

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Stray dogs

Collection* 40
Kennelling - first night
(including delivery and statutory 25 fine)
Kennelling - each additional night 20

*This service is only available on the first occasion where a stray dog has been picked up, the owner can be identified and contacted through the dogs micro-chip and payment is received within 30 minutes of the dogs collection by the Council. In all other cases kenneling fees apply.

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Sunday trading

Loading control area consent 200

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Replacement Certificates

Replacement Certificates 15